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Silly Underwriter Requests
August 19th, 2011 7:21 AM
Editor's Note: Every now and then I read some unusual "Underwriter Requests" in appraiser forums. Yesterday I read this post from Bob McGivern, SRA on the WinTOTAL Users Group:

So every morning, I power up the computer and think “what’s the new stupid for today”? And then the e-mail spins out notices and guidelines. Some result in a nod of approval, and most a chuckle. Today, I just decided the “thinkers” all went into the same basement and shared some illegal contraband. I have no other idea how to explain it.

It’s bad enough, they concluded appraisers should write the reports in “morse code”, but now this:

2. The appraiser must include the addresses for at least 5 comparable sales that were considered but not included in the grid. Please provide a brief explanation in the addendum section as to why you did not include those properties in the Sales Comparison Analysis grid

The real question is this – “Would any down to earth, knowledgeable appraiser take this “requirement” seriously”? Maybe it’s time to join the “thinkers” in the basement….

Bob McGivern, SRA
Real Estate Valuation & Consulting


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