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Top 10 Tech Things To Do Right Now
March 25th, 2010 6:30 AM

Angi Stepp 

Angi Stepp

Angi started with a la mode 8 years ago and spent most of those years as a Software Support Technician, but recently took on the role of Product Specialist for our Appraisal Products. Aside from the office, she spends most of her time with her teenage daughter and her 5 year old son.


Top 10 Tech Things To Do Right Now

We talk to more appraisers every day than anyone, anywhere. We know your tech problems, marketing challenges, PC skills, and everything in between. It’s our job. My job is to help make yours easier. Here are 10 tech tips I offer regularly to help with PC health, cost savings, and better marketing. Pick three and do them today.

1. Take smaller photos. Your lenders aren’t paying you extra to take portrait-quality photos of these homes, right? Dial down your digital camera’s quality or resolution before you shoot your pictures. They’ll import faster, and your reports will open, save, close and print faster. The visible quality difference on most cameras between the highest and medium settings are usually negligible at most.

2. Reboot. Every Morning. No Joke. I’m sure there are some of you out there who can’t even remember the last time you rebooted! I make it a habit to reboot my computer every morning — even if I leave it on overnight. I’m rewarded with a faster computer and fewer errors in pretty much any program I use throughout the day.

3. Trade links with an Agent. One of the biggest boosts to your XSite’s Google ranking (other than good, fresh, relevant content) is to cultivate inbound links from other people’s websites to yours. Offer to trade links with others in the real estate field that have a website. This kind of thing is so common it has a name: Relevant Reciprocal Linking.

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